Thursday, July 8, 2010

Help Me If You Can!

Alright everyone! I am very busy at this point in time, so I haven't written anything for a bit, but I decided I'd ask you two questions. Please EVERY PERSON THAT READS THIS, ANSWER THEM! :)
1. What are some tips for poetry writing you use?
2. What are your views on poetry styles? (rhyming, free-style, etc.)

Once ya'll tell me what you think, I'll answer them myself! :) -Rachel


Carilyn said...

I would lean more toward rhyming than free-style. ~Carrie

Always Narnian said...

I cannot say, because I am terrible at writing poems!

Anonymous said...

I say make it rhyme.

And again I say make it rhyme.

That's my answer to both questions. =] Haha some help I am, huh? But I don't like when poems don't rhyme.

Abigail said...

Well when I first start thinking of a poem, there's always a phrase or two that come to mind that I know I want to use. So I'll write them down and then write the rest of the poem around them, basing it's cadence after whatever cadence my "inspired" ;) lines were.

Abigail said...

Oh, forgot to give my opinion on the second question-
Free-style takes a real talent, a beautiful way with words; from a writer who has such a talent, free-style can be just as effective as rhyming.