Thursday, June 10, 2010

"Leetla Giorgio Washeenton"

"Leetla Giorgio Washeenton"
Thomas Augustine Daly
You know w'at for ees school keep out
Dees holiday, my son?
Wal, den, I gona tal you `bout
Dees Giorgio Washeenton.
Wal, Giorgio was a leetla keed
Ees leeve long time ago,
An' he gon' school for learn to read
An' write hees nam', you know.
He moocha like for gona school
An' learna hard all day,
Baycause he no gat time for fool
Weeth bada keeds an' play.
Wal, wan cold day w'en Giorgio
Ees steel so vera small,
He start from home, but he ees no
Show up een school at all!
Oh, my! hees Pop ees gatta mad
An' so he tal hees wife:
"Som' leetla boy ees gon' feel bad
Today, you bat my life!"
An' den he grab a beega steeck
An' gon' out een da snow
An' lookin' all aroun' for seek
Da leetla Giorgio.
Ha! W'at you theenk? Firs' theeng he see
Where leetla boy he stan'
All tangla up een cherry tree,
Weeth hatchet een hees han'.
"Ha! w'at you do?" hees Pop he say,
"W'at for you busta rule
an' stay away like dees for play
Eenstead for gon' to school?"
Da boy ees say; "I no can lie,
An' so I speaka true.
I stay away from school for try
An' gat som' wood for you.
I theenka deesa cherry tree
Ees gooda size for chop,
An' so I cut heem down, you see,
For justa help my Pop."
Hees Pop he no can gatta mad,
But looka please' an' say:
"My leetla boy, I am so glad
You taka holiday."
Ees good for leetla' boy, you see,
For be so bright an' try
For help hees Pop; so den he be
And granda man bimeby.
So now you gatta holiday
An' eet ees good, you know,
Foor you gon' do da sama way
Like leetla Giorgio.
Don't play so mooch, but justa stop,
Eef you want be som' good,
An' justa help your poor old Pop
By carry home sonme wood;
An' mebbe so like Giorgio
You grow for be so great
You gon be da Presidant
Of dese Unita State'.
This poem has always cracked us up since we first read it. I can always get Daniel to laugh by saying in a funny voice: "Ees gooda size for chop!" :) This was hard enough to type, I wonder if it was hard for the author to write! Enjoy this brilliant poem and read it out loud. It's twice as funny! -Rachel

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Always Narnian said...

I thought I was reading a poem by you! ;)Hahaha cute anyways, though! Really good!