Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Character Bio. On Dill Seasoning

Okay. Sorry to jerk ya'll around, but I'm a writer who works on several things at a time. The book I am currently final-editing before packing off to a publisher, is called "A Mother For The Seasonings". There are five Seasoning children, and I thought I'd do a character bio on each child, in order from my favorite, down to my least favorite. (I give myself the liberty of choosing favorites. :)
So here goes nothing!

Name: Dill Vervain Octavius Seasoning :)

Age: 8

Occupation: Son of a British Navy Captain. Family food connoisseur

Home: Cape Farsight, India

Physical appearance: round, rosy, brown hair, rougish smile

Physical build: shortish, jaunty, round

While sitting: any position but the proper one

While standing: legs apart, hands in pockets

While walking: a slight swagger

What you notice first: his naughty smile

Place of birth: India

Siblings: Older brother: Basil, older sisters: Rosemary and Angelica, younger sister: Fennel

Characteristics: likes to eat, is difficult, naughty, but good-hearted

Favorite expressions: "What in tarnation", "blast", 'For pity's sake", etc.

Special Love: Anything that comes out of the kitchen :)

Okay. I picture this little pickle as a Clovis in "The Apple Dumpling Gang", only a little more handsome and rougish, and less swarthy looking! :) -Rachel


Always Narnian said...

Very good, ma'am

Horse Lover said...

Aw, I love Clovis, he cracks me up! Dill sounds a bit like one of my charachters, "Benny", I describe him as able to be defiant and charming at the same time.

Horse Lover said...

boy I can't spell characters