Thursday, June 3, 2010

Character Bio. on Angelica Seasoning

Here is the Character Bio. on Angelica Seasoning:

Name: Angelica Seasoning (Angie)

Age: 10

Occupation: Family Ettiquette instructor, co-conspiritor with Dill, society queen

Home: Cape Farsight, India

Physical appearance: Blond curls, blue eyes, tallish, light-footed

Physical build: willowy, tall for her age, promising to be a beauty

While sitting: any position she feels like, often lays on the tiger rug, sometimes perches on arms of chairs, etc.

While walking: a light, springy step, sometimes dances about

What you notice first: Her pretty manners, and mischivous twinkle in her eyes

Place of Birth: India

Siblings: Older brother Basil, older sister Rosemary, younger brother Dill, younger sister Fennel

Characteristics: charming, frank, strong-willed, present-minded, spunky, passionate

Favorite expressions: "Well!", and using everyone's full names when reprimanding them :)

Special love: her brother Dill, new clothes, and going on "Quests" :)

There you go! Miss Angelica Seasoning, meet all your admirers! :) -Rachel

p.s. It is funny, because all the other children have super long names, but only Angie ever uses them.....I need two middle names, that sound elegant and Victorian. Any ideas?


Always Narnian said...

Hehe...I just noticed. Most of them have names of like herbs...Seasonings! lol

Rachel and Sarah said...

Yeah, that was the idea! ;) Actually, all of them are real herbs, including Angelica! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, Angelica is a herb? i did not know that! =]

Rachel and Sarah said...

Yeah! It tastes like licorice! :)