Sunday, June 6, 2010

Characer Bio. on Rosemary Seasoning

Here I introduce:

Name: Rosemary Adelaide Beatrice Seasoning

Age: 11

Occupation: eldest daughter, grammar teacher, family beauty

Home: Cape Farsight, India

Physical Appearance: brown wavy hair, rosy cheeks, blue eyes, sweet expression

Physical Build: girlish figure, medium height, fashionably roundish

While sitting: any lady-like position

While standing: good posture, a bit shy

What you notice first about her: her sweet expression, her motherly ways, her modest beauty

Place of birth: India

Siblings: Older brother Basil, younger sisters Angelica and Fennel, younger brother Dill

Characteristics: sweet, even temper, motherly, happy, thoughtful and kind,

Favorite expressions: "My word!" or "Good heavens!"

Special love: doing good deeds, reading romances, playing "mother"

There you have her: a classic sweet older sister! :) (And no, I am not saying this is me! ;) -Rach

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Anonymous said...

Hey I was Diana Barry when I took the quiz too =]