Monday, June 7, 2010

Characer Bio. on Fennel Seasoning

Okay! Here is the last of the bunch! She is my least favorite, only because she is not such a major part of the story! Do any of you want to read part of the story? If you do, leave a comment! :)

Name: Fennel Amelia Rowena Seasoning

Age: 4

Occupation: Youngest child, the "baby" of the family

Home: Cape Farsight, India

Physical appearance: blond fluffy hair, big blue eyes

Physical build: slight, small, dainty

While sitting: Rosemary's lap of course! :)

While standing: Do children ever stand in any one position?

What you notice first about her: That she is the family "doll" :)

Place of birth: India

Siblings: You've met them all now! :)

Characteristics: loving, sweet, innocent, well-intentioned

Favorite expressions: N/A

Special Love: Her "Bayzie",(Basil) Rosemary's stories, Tighty (the puppy)

There we go! You have met the whole "Pot O' Seasonings"! I won't tell you who the mother finally is! -Rachel

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