Friday, June 4, 2010

Characer Bio. on Basil Seasoning

Alright folks. Meet the next of the "Pot O' Seasonings"

Name: Basil ( NOT "BAZZEL") Andrew Cyrus Seasoning

Age: 12-nearly-13

Occupation: Captain of the children on any quests, oldest child and son, trainer of dog, spokesperson

Home: Cape Farsight, India

Physical Appearance: Brownish, wavy hair, blue-ish eyes, nice smile

Physical Build: tall, fit, upright

While sitting: Legs apart, hands clasped behind back, usually in front of a fireplace

While walking: energetic stride, commanding attitude

What you notice first about him: His quiet strength, his gentlemanly and courteous manners, his smile

Place of Birth: India

Siblings: Younger sisters Rosemary and Angelica, younger brother Dill, younger sister Fennel

Characteristics: more serious-minded, a leader, full of boyish whims yet, gentlemanly and thoughtful, kind-hearted

Favorite Expressions: "Oh Sally!" ;) , "For pity's sake", and "Good heavens!"

Special Love: his puppy: Queen Titiana Silver-hair, Papa, and adventures

There you have him in all his glory: Mr. Basil Andrew Cyrus Seasoning


Always Narnian said...

Wow! What a name :)

Always Narnian said...

I'm waiting for my friend for my next character quiz. Unfortunately this old chap takes a while ... :P