Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Post of Variety

Hello! I hope all of you guys are having a great day! I have had a very busy but a good one! Thanks Nana and Charity for joining this blog! I hope to get a nice group of people over here! Dear Jo (What ho! :) did a little blurb for me over at her blog: Scraps From My Workbasket. Thanks Jo!
Okay. So here is the deal. I need help deciding the story line for my latest story. If you want to vote on that, then just scroll down two posts! (I am not going to go into the trouble right now to link it. Sorry! :D) Anyway, I thought I'd write about something that is a bit of an unconventional idea, but one that I love to do! Have you ever been in a setting that you thought, "Wow! This would be great to describe in a book?" I mean, like the way the wind is howling, or the rain is falling, or an especially lovely sunset or something of that sort? What I have taken to doing, is writing out a description of whatever it was, and then filing it away for later use! Then, if I am writing a book and need a sunset scene or something else, I will have one, written in the moment that will be much more realistic that one fabricated for necessity. Do you get my drift? My one problem: I had written a description of a house that was rattling round my head about a year ago, and now when I have use for it in a story, I can't find it or any of the other ones! Humph! :) Anyway! That is just a writing tip that I've used now and then, and that has been quite satisfactory! :) -Rachel


Horse Lover said...

hee hee, quite satisfactory if you can find the descriptions again, aye??

Horse Lover said...

gasp, may copy your quote to add to my quote collection???

Horse Lover said...

Oh I was just reading your "why I write" thing, and Rachel, I was horrified! Don't you like Lamplighter books???? :-( I love them, I only read one that I thought was boring . . . Have you read "The Hidden Hand"? It's great! I think that you would like it.
Oh, and actually, not to seem uppity, but it wasn't actually Gilbert who said that to Anne, it was Mr. Harrison, but then he wasn't even in the movie, so I suppose that they had to have somebody else to say it! haha :-D
Well, I should go, really, I am being quite chatty. Gasp, I can't believe you have me blog on your list of writer's blogs. Who wants to read a site called "Mediocre Copies of Another Writer's Genuis"?

Rachel and Sarah said...

Hey Leanna! I do like several Lamplighter books, but I was mainly speaking of the ones like "The Hedge of Thorns" and a couple others that are really "Dirty little sinner" books. :) I stand corrected on the Anne of G.G. quote, you are quite right, but I was quoting from the movie. (I think?) I'll fix it! Sure you can take my quote! I didn't say it after all! :)

Always Narnian said...

MMMMHMMMMM...It is a good idea. I should do stuff like that. In fact, I always find interesting things to inspire me. =D I like doing things from imagination, too!

Kaitlin said...

What a great tip!
Hi, my name is Kaitlin. I'm Nana's older sister. I just read about this blog on Jo March's...so it really does work!!

Chloe M. Kookogey said...

Ha, love the reference to Little Women! ("Dear Jo, What ho!") That's from the chapter titled "Camp Laurence," I believe? Love it. :)