Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My New Story

So, in the melee of a writing fit, I have begun a new story. It is not very far along, but just enough that I feel I am beginning to like and understand the characters as I should. The principle characters are the great Dunmore Family of Merrywood Hall, and the Piper family who have served them for as long as can be remembered. The way I came up with the idea of the story is crazy. Cuckoo. Nuts. I was taking a shower and just making up some little skit with myself, and I pictured two very silly but earnest looking girls speaking to a sensible, modest, young lady about a great aunt who had died.
"Isn't it just awful though?" one of the young ladies asked. The modest girl looks a bit confused.
"But...I don't mean to be unfeeling but...haven't you always wished for her to die so that she could leave you an inheritance?"
"It only gave us something to talk about. But now that she really has died it has spoiled all the fun! We never really wanted it to be true you know!"

And somehow that silly little scene will become a part of this story, and the two silly girls (Estelle and Elisabeth or "Essie and Ella") will be great friends with their seamstress the honorable Miss Helen Piper. The Pipers, though of quite a different class, are intimate comrades with the generous and kindly Dunmore family. There are five Piper children: Dickon (20), Helen (18), Lily (16), Phoebe (13) and Fanny (11). I haven't quite made up my mind, but I am thinking that Helen Piper shall somehow "come into some money" or else the Dunmore family's fortunes will disappear, or something so that she can marry Mr. Walter Dunmore. (The son) It is a crazy scheme, and one I probably will regret, but I had to take the plunge while the writing fit was upon me. I have determined to write this book solely on paper. There is something that keeps my brain working in the feel of my pen scratching the paper. My mind goes dim when I simply type words and words onto a computer. Like now. ;) I think this is quickly becoming a dull sort of post, so I will leave off now! -Josie
p.s. I found that I am like Charles Dickens in one way: I have the extreme hardest time naming my books. That happens only when I am desperately in need of a name NOW! and even then, it is difficult for me to find one that fits. I remember reading that Dickens thought of over 40 names before hitting on "A Tale of Two Cities"! :)


Horse Lover said...

That sounds like an interesting story. Huh, I usually don't have too much trouble thinking of what to name my book. That is funny about writing on paper, see I am the other way around. I have to write on the computer, because I type much faster than I write and when the "writing fit" is upon me, my hand can't keep up with my brain. Therefore, I must type! :-D

Unknown said...

Ha! You sound like me when I'm writing. I much prefer using pen and paper and my stories are always......interesting :) I should probably post some up, since Jo March is supposed to be an authoress :P